Our Team

Empowering Energy, Empowering Women.

Steered by dynamic female leadership, our company proudly stands at the forefront of the tech industry's ongoing evolution. We are not just breaking boundaries in the technology realm; we're setting a strong example for the entire industry, demonstrating the powerful impact of women in the helm of technological innovation. Empowering, inspirational, and progressive, our leadership is paving the way towards a more inclusive and equitable future in technology.



Co-Founder & CEO



Co-Founder & CTO

Our Mission

To revolutionise energy storage management through advanced machine learning algorithms, ensuring optimised trading outcomes and prolonged battery health.

Our Vision

To be the leading global prediction software for industrial battery efficiency and health, enabling a sustainable and efficient energy future.

Powered by Pride

Embracing DiversityEnergising Innovation

Our company proudly embraces diversity and inclusion at its very core, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, feels valued and accepted. We believe that the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives that our LGBTQIA+ team members bring is our biggest strength, fuelling our innovative drive.

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Ahtri tn 12, 15551 Tallinn, Estonia

+48 576 230 658