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Revolutionising battery efficiency with advanced Machine Learning forecasting

Provide the Earth with Clean and Affordable Energy
by Revolutionising Energy Storage

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Why enzum?

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Accurate Energy Predictions

Our AI-driven solution employs sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to deliver highly accurate State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH), Depth of Discharg (DoD) predictions, helping you to optimise your energy storage.

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Cost Savings

By reducing energy overproduction and underproduction, our AI solution can significantly lower your operational costs, providing you with a clear financial advantage.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Through our user-friendly dashboard, you can monitor your energy storage, empowering you to make swift, data-driven decisions.

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Predictive Maintainance

By leveraging precise forecasts, we form the foundation for our predictive maintenance, effectively reducing the risk of technical failures in your battery systems, ensuring enhanced reliability and longevity.

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Sustainable Transition Planning

We offer guidance on your path to sustainability. Our solution provides insights on how to strategically shift from carbon-intensive energy sources to renewable alternatives.

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Contribution to Climate Goals

With our solution, environmental stewardship becomes an integral part of your business strategy.


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